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Civil Rights Compliance Activities

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Program accomplishments...

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2003, 4,488 individual complaints were filed with OCR (2,221 civil rights discrimination cases and 2,267 Privacy Rule cases). OCR completed action on 2,599 complaint cases in FY 2003 (1,801 discrimination and 798 Privacy Rule), including 1,076 discrimination cases carried over from the preceding year, leaving a year-end inventory of 2,965 pending complaints (1,496 discrimination and 1,469 Privacy Rule). In FYs 2004 and 2005, OCR expects to receive approximately 7,500 complaints each year (2,300 discrimination and 5,200 Privacy Rule.) In FY 2004, OCR expects to close 6,461 cases (2,630 discrimination and 3,831 Privacy Rule); and in FY 2005 approximately 7,300 cases are expected to be closed (2,500 discrimination and 4,800 Privacy Rule). OCR conducts preventative compliance reviews for its traditional civil rights authorities, including pre-grant and post-grant reviews. In FY 2003, OCR completed 2,023 compliance reviews. OCR estimates that approximately 4,400 preventative compliance reviews will be conducted each year in FY 2004 and 2005, 95 percent of which will be pre-grant reviews for Medicare certification purposes. In FY 2004, OCR expects to complete 2,442 reviews, and in FY 2005 approximately 2,500 reviews. To encourage voluntary compliance by recipients, OCR offers technical assistance, public education and outreach. This includes developing and disseminating compliance information, conducting workshops for recipients, designing model compliance plans for various types of covered programs, and training state and local officials who are responsible for achieving compliance. These activities are intended to provide recipients with the skills needed to apply the statutes to particular circumstances. As a result, the technical assistance program promises significant long-term benefits by helping to prevent and eliminate discriminatory practices.